Free Boiler On LA Flex Scheme

Free boiler on LA Flex

If you are not in receipt of qualifying government benefits, we still can help you with getting a gas boiler replacement for free! There is a good chance you may qualify under LA Flex scheme.

LA Flex is an extension of the ECO scheme. It allows for more funding given to Local Authorities to identify those who fall short of the eligibility for the ECO scheme but would benefit from added insulation or heating measures.

LA Flex is available to those who aren't in receipt of tested means benefits but are living in fuel poverty or are on low income and vulnerable to living in a cold home.

To qualify for LA Flex boiler replacement grant you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Homeowner residing in his propety
  • Your property should have EPC rating of E, F, G or have NO EPC
  • Your boiler must be Non-Condensing, we will help you to determine this
  • Your total household gross income must be below £31K per year, or
  • You must have serious health conditions that are affected by living in a cold home


Income below £31,000

To qualify for a free boiler grant under LA Flex scheme your total Gross income of all adults in the household must be under £31,000 per annum. That includes all those 18yrs old or older from 1 April of every tax year. The evidence of low income must be provided as part of the application. You will be asked to submit your Tax returns, Payslips and/or Bank statements.

Qualifying Health Conditions

Household can be referred by NHS where a person is suffering from severe and/or long term health condition that are negatively impacted by living in a cold home, and falls under one of the four conditions:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory disease
  • Limited mobility
  • Immunosuppression

People impacted by the above conditions will be asked to provide a referral letter signed by a NHS employee as part of their application. Samples of letters are available upon your application.


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